Oil & Gas
EZZY OIL & GAS, a company of EZZY Group is a leading one-stop energy services provider to the countries oil and gas (”O&G”), marine and petrochemical industries.
Ezzy supplies customer-focused solutions that best meet the quality, productivity, and environmental requirements of the energy industry

Ezzy is the leader in providing major mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems/components and services through its network of channel partners.

EZZY Oil and Gas’s strengthened its unique business model of providing capital equipment in the last few years by recruiting suitable talent to boost the management and technical capabilities as well as establishing channel partnership of worlds acclaimed companies to enhance its engineering capabilities and improve our product offering.

The core activities of EZZY OIL & GAS are in distribution of parts components, capital equipment charter and provision of drilling and rig management services. Its distribution division represents more than 30 globally-accredited brands and distributes more than 200 line items. Through its logistic arm, an internationally accredited management company, EZZY OIL & GAS is now a proven operator providing capital equipment, specialist manpower, subcontracting in management and operation services directly to major oil& Gas companies for their onshore and offshore production needs.

EZZY’s moves into the oil and gas capital equipment & related projects market positions it to capture the demand for increased efficiency and more productive exploration and production equipment. With an expected rise in oil and gas exploration and production activity in Bangladesh.